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“Green” House by Warren Scott + Architecture

Invoking the best of the many greenhouses built by the historic flower growers of Leucadia, this unique home project maximizes the property’s panoramic ocean views with “greenhouse window walls” and creates casual indoor-outdoor livingspaces to reflect this charming beach town. Truly ‘green,’ the proposed glass enclosed area is a passive condition space, where natural ventilation and smart material choices allow for heating and cooling yearround. Completely open end to end with large doors and surrounded at the top and bottom with operable windows, seal it up in the winter to contain the heat and open it up in the summer for the ocean breeze. Stone walls and concrete fIoors exposed to sun will store heat in the winter. Solar Collectors to be integrated in portions of the greenhouse roof will shade the interior space and provide the energy to approach the proposed “Net-Zero” energy residence.

The design selects the perfect angles of the residence to take advantage of the ocean views to the west, the sun collection to the south and to ensure protection of the noise from the conveniently located freeway to the east. But the eastern views of the morning sunrise are not forgotten. The multiple and layered outdoor patios and decks are oriented to the west using the residence as a sound barrier. The three car garage is strategically located at the rear of the property, partially cut into the hillside for a low profile.

Architect: Warren Scott + Architecture

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